About us | Frenethika Ancestra

The Brand

"Authenticity that makes sense"

is what describes us the best. We are involved in offering and preserving a unique and authentic know-how and we care about our social and environmental responsibility and impact.

Clothing, Home & Decor Organic Cosmetics



Frenethika Ancestra was created in 2014 as a high end brand inspired by Moroccan Culture and handicrafts know-how offering Organic Cosmetics such as Argan oil and Prickly pear seed oil an luxury handmade handicrafts.

Our first Organic Cosmetics collection was launched in partnership with local Moroccan women coop. They are still producing all of our Argan oil and prickly pear seed oil as part of our Natural and fair trade Cosmetics.

We believe that benefits should be shared and profit to the people that not only help manufacturing our products but also work hardly to preserve the local resources.

Part of our business was luxury handicrafts, as we offered unique handmade handicrafts collection with unique models.

Now, We are proud to go further and offer a varied collection of clothing, Apparel, Home and Decoration that are all inspired by our love for Morocco.


Patterns, colors and everything that awakens the senses in Morocco is our inspiration. A unique mosaïc of colors and a perfect symmetry melted with an ancestral and preserved know-how.


The Women and Men, since generations preserving and promoting their culture and their local resources because they care! 


The beauty of the diversified and wild nature in Morocco and its exceptional terroir products. The real Moroccan Argan oil is exclusively made and found in Morocco, and we still discover new protected designation of origin products each year to offer.



The collection of Argan oil and Prickly pear seed oil is Vegan, fair trade, Organic and natural. Only made by local women coop in Morocco, we choose the most noble terroir products and partner with women coop that have a real social impact on local community. They help produce rare and exclusive oil and improve local conditions and environment preservation.

We provide Vegan and Organic vegetal oils for our DIY Cosmetics fans. Because some of you have their own secret recipe and prefer to make their own cosmetics at home. Organic Hemp oil, Borage oil, Rosehip oil and a full collection of Organic vegetal oils.

An ancestral know-how, an obsession for details, unique colors and shapes, this is how our Artisans partners elaborate and manufacture each of the Moroccoan handicrafts we offer. Some of our models are single copy unique!

All inspired by Moroccan patterns and colors. A unique apparel and clothing design to offer bohemian,ethnic and vintage styles outfit. Our ligne of products include dresses, leggings, tshirts, and a large choice of unique scarves. 

Bags and purses with the Frenethika Ancestra signature are unique, trendy and fashion with an ethnic touch.

 The Moroccan pillows collection with a large choice of patterns and colors will make your interior cosy and unique. The pillows come in different designs whether you prefer modern, vintage or cosy interior, you will find the perfect pillow.