FAQ | Frenethika Ancestra

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Frenethika Ancestra 

We are a specialized brand in Boho Clothing, bags and apparel inspired by Morocco colorful patterns and berber design. Visite the About us page to know more

  • Where can I buy Frenethika Ancestra products

We offer our products on our website https://www.frenethika-ancestra.com, On Amazon across Europe, USA and Canada, Etsy shops: https://www.my-moroccan.com and https://www.moroccan-house.com and the Marketplace https://www.Cosmethika.com

  •  Do you ship worldwide

Yes, we do. Part of our products are available directly in warehouses where we sell high volume and most country are shipped from this warehouses.

  • Are all your products Made in Morocco

Our yoga leggings are made in USA and Canada, or Europe. Our pillows are ade in Europe or USA. The labels indicate clearly where the products are manufactured.

  • Can I return a product I bought

Yes, please read the return policy to know more about how to return a product and don't hesitate to leave a suggestion, request on the contact page to know what we missed and help us improve.


  • I want to distribute Frenethika Ancestra products

We would love to partner and grow our distributors network. Please use the contact form and our team will answer your request.